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Epic: A Savage Journey

Epic: A Savage Journey is a loaded gun with its cross hairs on the ugly side of surfing. Blustering locals, embittered soul surfers and homophobic professionals all fall victim to their own delusions. Follow three different surfers as they babble their way into corners of hypocrisy and self-loathing, peeling away layers of misconception and phony facades like a rotten onion until there’s nothing left but a rancid surfer. Only in this case you’ll be laughing instead of crying, unless of course you’re the kind of surfer Epic portrays… then you’ll be crying.


Executive Producer – Keiran Magee

Producers – Mike Silva, Mike Mallen

Writers – James Morgan, Mike Mallen

Co-Writer – Ryan McRee

Cinematographer – Mike Silva

Editor/GFX – Mike Mallen

Artistic Director – Sean Aylward

Production Coordinator – Mike Sarno

Director – Mike Mallen

Story – Mike Thomas

EPIC:A Savage Journey

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