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Taylor Steele’s Castles in the Sky May 4th

Taylor Steele’s Castles in the Sky May 4th


April 13, 2010 New York, NY – After three years exploring and pioneering new
coastlines in every corner of the earth, award winning surf filmmaker, director, and
producer Taylor Steele, executive producer Sandrine Lima of Reel Sessions, and
VAS Entertainment, have chosen to present the World Premiere of Taylor’s latest
project Castles in the Sky at the famous NYC landmark theater Tribeca Cinemas.
The May 4, 2010 event hosted by the NY SURF FILM FESTIVAL will see Taylor
Steele and his cast of surfers converging downtown for this special screening, photo
exhibition and fundraiser for Waves of Health, a 501c3 organization of doctors “voluntouring”
their time in surf destinations.
Castles In the Sky is a visual whirlwind that follows surfers to the farthest reaches of
the known surf world and beyond. Castles in the Sky is a completely new approach to
surf filmmaking. Filmed in five countries over three years, the movie delves into the
true heart of the locations while the surfers travel through them with a sense of openminded
awe. With never-before seen waves, an original score, and some of the best
surfers in the world such as Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Rob Machado and Dave
Rastovich contributing their art, passion and athleticism, this is as close to the
experience of pioneering new coastlines as you can get without getting on a plane.
“We created Sipping Jetstreams to inspires surfers to break away from the pattern of
traveling to the same well-known destinations, but as a result, we ended inspiring
ourselves to do the same. Before that film was even done, we were already planning
this next evolution of the project with a whole new list of destinations. With a much
more elaborate plan for “Castles In The Sky”, we learned of the intricate ways things
can go wrong. If Sipping Jetstreams was like an ambient dream you have after
travel, Castles is more like the experience of actually being there.” says Taylor
Steele. “The whole point of Castles in the Sky is to inspire people to investigate a little
deeper in their travels — really getting to know the locals and cultures they visit. The
people at Waves of Health embody this vision a step beyond what any of us are
doing by actually investing themselves in the regions where they work and actually
giving something back. They are actually an inspiration to us, so it’s an honor to be
able to help them out in any little way possible.”
A Q&A Session with Taylor Steele, on location film production photo exhibit,
beverages courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon and local DJ’s spinning eclectic sounds
from around the world will keep ticketholders entertained before and after the film in
the adjacent Tribeca Cinema Lounge.
Tickets go on sale April 20, 2010. 10% of Ticket Sales and a silent auction will go
directly to benefit Waves of Health.
The World Premiere of Castles in the Sky thanks our sponsors for their contributions
towards this film project and premiere: in association with Sipping Jetstreams, REEL

Sessions, VAS Entertainment, NY Surf Film Festival, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Waves
of Health.

About Sipping Jetstreams/Castles In The Sky
Several years ago, fed up with traveling to the same old places to document surfing, filmmaker Taylor
Steele had an epiphany. Though he’d spent much of his life in airplanes, hotels, rental cars, and
aboard boats, had they really seen the world? Hawaii, Australia, and Tahiti had already been
thoroughly covered, but what about Italy? Egypt? Yemen? Kenya? Sri Lanka? India? Canada?
Russia? Cuba? He realized that while surfing has proliferated since the days of Bruce Brown’s Endless
Summer, traveling surfers had grown comfortable and complacent. It became obvious to him that it
was time to follow Robert Frost’s advice and literally take the road less traveled. It is with this same
mind Taylor approached the next leg of the journey entitled “Castles In The Sky,” this journey picks up
where Sipping Jetstreams left off…
[email protected]

A creative and full service production company. Reel Sessions is the brainchild of Sandrine Lima an
Executive Producer with enthusiasm for everything from photography, travel, art, film to surfing and all
ocean-related activities. Through Reel Sessions, Sandrine is able to offer complete production
services for motion picture film and video productions, from estimating to post. With a determined
passion and a collective of talented producers, Reel Sessions continues to create fresh, unexpected
visual content.
[email protected]

About VAS
VAS ENTERTAINMENT is the most dynamic global youth branded entertainment company anchored
in the communities of action sports media-touching brands, retail and storytellers.
[email protected]
About Waves of Health
Waves of Health’s mission is to provide modern medical care to underserved communities and to
educate healthcare professionals about the medical problems of the developing world. Waves of
Health is a completely voluntary organization made up of local doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other
professionals who volunteer their time and energy to help those less fortunate in underserved
communities. HELP SUPPORT OUR CAUSE! Every single dollar helps; no donation is too small or too
big! For more information and donations please visit our website.
For general inquiries:
[email protected]
The New York Surf Film Festival is the premier showcase for international independent surf film. The
mission of the New York Surf Film Festival is to provide filmmakers who are exploring the diversity of
surfing an opportunity to present their work to a larger audience. As surf culture becomes more
popular, the notion of what it means to be a surfer expands. The New York Surf Film Festival’s aim is
to build upon and shape the idea of what surf movie is, while fostering the growth of this global
community in NYC. The New York Surf Film Festival is a Don’t Drop In Production, founded by Adam
Cannizzaro, Tyler Breuer, Michael Machemer, and Morgan Rae Berk in 2008.
For media, sponsorship and general inquiries:
[email protected]

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