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All Points South

Surfers are a litmus test for the health of our oceans. Save The Waves Coalition’s forthcoming new film, All Points South, relates how surfers and fishermen in Southern Chile are joining together to fight against rampant pollution from the pulp industry, and how consumers can help by making better choices when buying paper. From California to the long left points of Southern Chile, board-riders find themselves increasingly in the line of fire between coastal waters and industrial pollution. The journey in All Points South takes us to Southern Chile, where pulp mill pollution jeopardizes entire ecosystems, endangers an ancient way of life, and threatens to tear apart a tight-knit fishing community. With world-class surfing at some of the planet’s best point breaks, this is the story and adventure of a group of surfers and their effort to expose the injustice being done by a powerful, worldwide industry 

Production year: 2009
TRT 6:28
Director: Sachi Cunningham
Executive Producer: Will Henry
Producer: Save The Waves Coalition
Writer and producer: Josh Berry
Editor: Greg O’Toole

All Points South

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  1. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Bravo !

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