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a little old homemade film to ease us into Monday morning.

Lost & Found Collection launches site

Our friends at Lost & Found - the 2011 Viewer’s Choice Award - have released their website of  images and the project story behind them.  Check it out here

fueling the world’s greatest city’s surfing renaissance.

our week surf forecast, in song.

INNERSECTION NYC Premiere - A Taylor Steele Movie

Support local homeboy

Leif Engstrom

and filmmakers

Calvin Knowlton and Etan Blatt

Tickets on sale here.

November 30, 2011


NiteHawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Avenue

Williamsburg Brooklyn


Featuring twenty short surf films from twenty international directors, legendary surf filmmaker Taylor Steele’s Innersection project is unlike anything else in the sport today. Surfer created. Audience selected. Ocean inspired. This year’s film brings together unique sections from around the world, including freesurfing legends like Pipe Master Jamie O’Brien and South American champ Gabriel Villaran, underground dazzlers like Maui’s Albee Layer and New York’s Leif Engstrom, and outsider icons like Santa Cruz’s Josh Mulcoy, Canadian Pete Devries and Maui’s Hank Gaskell. Last year’s $100,000 winner Matt Meola is also back to defend his title, and the rest of year’s qualifiers are coming on strong with new music, new clips and a whole new approach. Join the action at

a public nuisance - you can save me

A+ on this one: We like the song, we like the pace, and we like that these skateboards are made out of re-coned wooden waterskis.


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support Matt Warshaw digital Encylopedia of Surfing Kickstarter Project!

hey ho! let’s go surfing

by the critical slide society

“Our Hawaii” - local Rockaway documentary screening at the Big Apple Film Festival

Photo by Ben Wolf
Check out "Our Hawaii" - a documentary by Brooklynite writer-director Kryssa Schemmerling (a New York University filmmaking teacher) about seven Rockaway Beach surfer buddies, now in their 40s and 50s who have stayed connected by their shared passion. Screening tomorrow - Nov 5 at 3:20PM during the 2011 Big Apple Film Festival.

a quick article about the project and filmmaker here.

NYSFF Now Playing: Come Hell or High Water - TwentyAt donates $1 per view to the Plastic Pollution Coalition

The mission of the New York Surf Film Festival digital screening room is to showcase past, present and future surf film with an altruistic purpose.  Each monthly film screening is supported by a corporate sponsor – donating $1 per view of the film in a 48 hour period to a charitable organization.

As we grow this initiative, we will be adding an additional layer to aid in providing a sound future for those that choose the surf film-making craft as their career path – a fund that grants participating filmmakers dollars to invest towards their next film project.

The NYSFF welcomes  filmmakers and sponsors to join us in raising dollars for the surf community and its related charitable organizations. Please inquire with us if you would like more information on getting involved.

and in the meantime – enjoy the film.

~Morgan Rae Berk, Founder New York Surf Film Festival

Screening 10/27 thru 10/28

Click here to view the Q&A with Keith Malloy and Scott Soens from Woodshed Films after the World Premiere of COME HELL OR HIGH WATER at the 2011 NYSFF.

Thank you to our generous partners that have joined us to support our community




The NYSFF digital screening room has proudly raised dollars and awareness for: