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LOST ATLAS Screening w/ Lunch Break Q+A with  Kai Neville  7:10pm »

SOFIA Screening w/ Kai ‘e’e’Makani 7:20pm »

MANUFACTURING STOKE Screening w/ Smiling Spot Q+A with  Pierce Kavanagh(director/producer), my Petra Kavanagh (producer), Maximilian Schmige (Producer/ director of photography) and Ed Lewis (interviewee) 8:45pm »

CAUGHT INSIDE Screening with Ice Board  Q+A with  Paul Friedman 8:55pm »

HIGH 5 and SION Screening w/ I Am Andy Irons 10:40pm »

RUNMAN69  Screening w/ Surfers Journals POV Runman 11:00pm »



LOST & FOUND Screening w/ La Ruta Norte Q+A with Doug Walker Aaron Cheng 7:00pm »

BONO Screening w/ Capture: A Waves Documentary 7:10pm »

WAY OF THE OCEAN N Screening w/ Nike’s Leave a Message Q+A with  Matt Kleiner 8:45pm »

SOLD OUT  THIRTY THOUSAND Screening w/ Thom Q+A with Richard James + Riley Blakeway 9:00pm »

RUMORS Screening w/ Surfers Way Q+A with Elliot Zukerman 10:30pm »

FIRST LOVE Screening w/ La Ruta Del Mojado Q+A with  Jose Morales + Oswaldo Contretas 10:40pm »

DOWN WITH THE SHIP and NOW Screening Q+A with Derek Dunfee + Riley Blakeway  11:55pm »



SOLD OUT   COME HELL OR HIGHWATER Screening w/ 2011 D Day and Be Q+A with Keith Malloy + Roberto Dume  7:00pm »

SPLINTERS Screening w/ Longest Left Chicama 7:10pm »

LAST PARADISE Screening w/ Blue Sway 8:45pm »

REMA POR ESTA and CHASING THE SWELL Screening 9:15pm »

BOARDHEADS Screening w/ Project Kaisei  Q+A with  Davo Weiss and Janet Snapp 10:45pm »

YEAR ZERO Screening w/ Surfers Journal Wayne Lynch 10:50pm »